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August 2014









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For quite awhile, many of the single professionals who receive our event emails and monthly newsletter have been asking for MORE. Asking for Dating and Relationship tips and useful information and resources to help them in today's hectic and often confusing dating environment.


Soon, as a benefit to being on our list, you'll start getting a dating and relationships tips / resources email direct to your inbox multiple times a week. You'll be able to discontinue receiving that valuable content any time you want. Although some people may opt-out once they enter into a relationship, the emails you'll be receiving will have a solid amount of relationship advice for newly coupled people as well.





Questions From Other Singles Like You

Wondering about Speed Dating events or how Pre-Dating does them? Maybe just a relationship question in general? Some other people did as well and here are their questions to us.


If you have a question, simply email us at and if selected for our next Newsletter you’ll get a complimentary ticket to one of our events.




Hi Pre-Dating,


My number one concern about dating, whether it be online, or at a face-to-face event, such as speed dating, is my fear of who I will meet. How can I know that I am safe?


Answer from Pre-Dating


Dear "Fearful",


First and foremost, I would recommend that you look into why you are fearful. Most people are fearful from what they hear on the news. When was the last time you turned on the news, and saw a HAPPY story, though? American media tends to only show the negative, and not the positive.


That being said, if you are interested in only dating people where back-ground checks are performed, you typically will not find that in any service less then a few hundred dollars and usually over $1,000+. The reason being is it is expensive to do background checks. The only real service that will do this is a reputable and private matchmaker. If you go through such a service, it is important to do your research on the matchmaker and look at reviews, testimonials, etc. This way you are sure you are spending your money wisely.


Furthermore, if you do not have the money to hire a matchmaker in your area, speed dating or other local singles mixers are a great alternative, as you are not required to divulge a lot of information to other participants, but each participant is usually required to provide the service information. This provides some added protection over anonymous services. In fact, we recommend that you don't provide too much personal information, until you get to know the person a bit better. Sure- you can say what you do for a living, but you don't want to say something along the lines of"I work at ABC Pharmacy on 123 Main St.". You want to leave an event with the same amount of anonymity as you walked in with, and if you are interested in someone, see where it goes, and only meet that person in a public setting.


Remember- most people you meet are just looking to settledown with a great companion. It's only that rare situation that you hear about on the news. 




Dear Pre-Dating,


I really want to try one of your upcoming events, but I have a set criteria for women I would want to date. I am nervous that I will not meet anyone who fits into my standards, thus wasting my time. What type of women tend to attend your events?

Answer from Pre-Dating


Dear "Mr. Picky":


The greatest part about speed dating is you never know who you are going to meet! The one thing you do know, is that the people you are going to meet are within a certain age range, and that they are local single professionals. The next greatest thing is, if the person you are talking to is not a fit, it's only 6 minutes, simply make the most of it and move on.


Now, per your 'criteria', as any true match maker will tell you, the first step of finding your best soulmate is to toss out your 50-point inspection list. We aren't buying a car here, we are looking for someone who is compatible with you. 


Step 2 to finding 'that someone special', is to narrow your list of criteria to 3 absolute "No's". For example, if you refuse to date a smoker, or you refuse to date someone who is not as athletically inclined as you, or maybe it's that you want to find someone who is financially stable enough to where you don't need to worry about carrying their weight. Whatever the 3 are, you now have a reasonable set of expectations that you are willing to seek out in someone. 


As men, we tend to also focus on the aesthetic components of everything, from cars, to homes, and to our potential love interests. It's human nature to do this, but you need to be realistic with your expectations as well. Do not sell yourself short by only looking at physical beauty. Some of the best matches that come out of any dating service are made due to both parties reevaluating what is important when seeking out a potential partner. 







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Roy's Relationship Corner




In this month's newsletter, we continue to explore the 7 commitments that comprise, The Conscious Dating Manifesto. Today we look at commitment #5 and if you want to catch up on those you've missed, email me at, and I'll send them to you.


The fifth conscious commitment is about Abundance. As I do every month, I'm going explain the commitment, but I'm also going share its "evil twin," the opposite of the commitment. Choosing the commitment over its "evil twin" is the key to enjoying your dating experience and attracting your ideal partner.






I commit to believing that there is enough of everything, that there is no shortage or scarcity of men, women, love, romance, money, energy, time, etc.


Now, here's its "evil twin." This is how most people live…






I commit to a scarcity mentality, believing that finding my ideal partner is like finding a needle in a haystack. I commit to the belief that I have to settle for "ok," or explain away "red flags." I commit to relying on pure luck or obsessive effort to find my mate.


Look around: Do you notice anything else in creation that has a scarcity mindset, other than us humans? Do you think the grass wonders if it will get enough rain to survive? Do you think the squirrels worry about finding enough nuts? Do you think flowers stress about how to find their ideal bee? And are the bees concerned that there aren't enough flowers to pollinate? Nature teaches us about abundance and to trust that life is providing perfectly.


The poet Rumi said, "Our task is not to seek love, but only to seek and find all the barriers within us that we've built against it."


There is an abundance of love in the world, but there's also plenty of wonderful and available partners too. Instead of seeking after them like you would the last chair in musical chairs, turn your attention inward and ask, "what are the barriers in my life that are keeping love away? Then sit back and listen. And if you don't hear the answer, call me. Helping people find those answers is what I do.


If you have questions about this commitment, send me a note at, and if you'd like to learn more about me and my coaching practice, click those links.



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I know how challenging, and even how depressing it can be to find your ideal partner in today's frenzied and disconnected world. That's why I've partnered with to bring you my popular video-based eCourse, "Finding Love On-Line: From Horror Stories to Love Stories"absolutely FREE.


You'll learn what the masters of Internet dating know - as I show you how to avoid horror stories and create love stories online. It's a $200 value, but it's free to all Pre-Dating clients this week.


CLICK HERE to start your free eCourse.



FREE Dating Teleseminar:


"Dating, Sex, Relationships and Marriage 

The Ultimate LIVE Q&A!"




With Relationship Coach and Author, Roy Biancalana and Pre-Dating C.O.O. and Relationship Coach, Michael Clarke.



Tuesday, Sept 2nd, 2014


8:30PM EST






In this crazy new world of dating, we know you have tons of questions that need answering! So, we're taking a different approach on September's Teleseminar, as we have realized that you, the audience, want to ask questions on an array of different subjects and topics! Instead of our typical 45 minute guest speaker presentation, this month-  Relationship Coach Roy Biancalana and Pre-Dating C.O.O., Michael Clarke will answer your questions directly through a constructive and informative seminar built to help you succeed in finding a lasting, emotionally and physically fulfilling relationship.


What you need to do to be fully prepared:


  • Write down a few questions that you would like to have answered, no questions are off the table!
  • Bring an open-mind
  • And that's it!


About Our Speakers- Roy Biancalana and Michael Clarke


Roy Biancalana is an author, speaker and certified relationship coach. His mission is supporting single people in the art of attracting and creating conscious relationships.


While Roy coaches clients directly by phone, Skype or in person, his website,, offers high-quality, video-based eCourses that address the most relevant issues facing single people today.


Roy serves as the relationship expert for Fox35 TV in Orlando, Fl. and his book, Relationship Addiction—A Memoir, sells worldwide. 


Michael Clarke has been working with singles over the last 8 years on both the business end of two of the largest singles companies in the world as well as one-on-one through his coaching business. Michael's main focus within his coaching is to help people absolve any past relationship struggles, and to help his clients turn their focus on themselves and how to be the very best person they can be before stepping back out into the dating scene.


Michael has been interviewed on dozens of radio stations, including "Date Therapy with Dr. Tranquility", "The Dating Jungle Live" with Tara Richter, as well as Tampa Bay's Fox News, and many others.



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Tuesday, Sept 2nd, 2014


8:30PM EST







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August 5th, 2014


"Dating, Sex, Relationships and Marriage- the Ultimate LIVE Q&A!"



With Relationship Coach and Author, Roy Biancalana and Pre-Dating C.O.O. and Relationship Coach, Michael Clarke.


Tuesday, Sept. 2nd, 2014 at 8:30PM EST


– Free-





What you need to do to be fully prepared:


  • Write down a few questions that you would like to have answered, no questions are off the table!
  • Bring an open-mind
  • And that's it!




Featured Testimonial



Hi! I want to say hi and thank you. I met a very nice man at your St. Pete December event. We have been dating since January ! 2 Very happy people .

Thank you

Andrea (Tampa, March 2014)  


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 New Cities!

GREAT NEWS!  With the recent addition of Roxanne in Portland, OR, Sheryl in the Hudson Valley Region in NY,  we now offer monthly events in over 90 US and Canadian cities!
Work With Pre-Dating - Become an Event Coordinator

If you are interested in playing matchmaker and adding a new adventure and challenge to your life (part time).



Please apply online HERE!




We Are Currently Looking For An Event Coordinator in the Following Cities, and MORE! 


  • New York City, NY
  •  Las Vegas, NV
  • San Francisco, CA

...And other event locations available!






"Kindness is really important to me in finding my own prince - so are patience and a sense of humor. Without those qualities he's no Prince Charming!"


-Anne Hathaway (Actress)









"It takes a couple an average of 6-8 dates to start seeing their relationship as exclusive."


Sounds about right, though we don't exactly encourage counting dates to figure out where you stand with a person. Just go with whatever feels right!




About Pre-Dating


Pre-Dating Speed Dating is the world's largest Speed Dating service for busy single professionals with monthly events in over 90 cities. If you have a busy life and don't have time to meet new people, don't like to date clients or co-workers, and are not interested in the bar scene then try Pre-Dating Speed Dating.



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