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What People Are Saying
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Hey Matt

Good news from Sally…… Marius is the most amazing person who has been not only here for me but my
whole family. His family is great too! We are so happy and we got married March

    Sally & Marius

– (Seattle, May 2017)




I just wanted to tell you that I had such a fun time! Thank you for organizing the event. I wish I took better notes. Well, notes in general. Other than that, I think I made some new friends.

Have a great day!

Mimi (Tampa, June 2017)

Hey Karen great news!!

After speed dating that night I got a group of 8
of us together and we stayed after and talked with each other!! We all
exchanged numbers with each other and we have all been talking to each
other Everyday!! We are going to go on more speed dating together and
hang out together as a group

Britt (Detroit, May 2017)

Hey Karen

I wanted to say I had a great time with speed dating. Doing this have
brought new life into me because I have been single for so long and I
tried online dating and even life coach dating and it did not work. But
speed dating did to see people first hand and talking to different folks
for five minutes was fun. And actually that was the time that is needed
to really know if you into someone or not. I also wanted to meet people
of other races and background to broaden my search for a long-term
relationship. I will be attending the lock and key event in February so

I will see your there. Thanks so, so much.

Damon (Detroit, January 2017)

Thank you Ms Debra…

….for this wonderful night really enjoyed it .

Alex (Houston, June 2015)

Hi Michael

Thank you for resubmitting my receipt. I received it. Also thanks for
convincing me to come out last night. It is a great event and it went as
great as you said it would.

Thanks again!

Kayla (Tampa/St Pete, November 2016)

Thank you, Michael

The event was very nice and most enjoyable.. You were nothing less than great and made it all just so easy to attend .!!

Best Regards,

Bobby (Tampa/St Pete, May 2016)

Hi Angie

I am writing to thank you for providing an amazing service. I attended the event on March 7th and met a wonderful man, Marlon, and we’ve been dating ever since. It was my first speed dating experience and it was so much fun! Thank you for creating such a magical space, for facilitating my meeting some really wonderful people and for leading me to a man who I am now creating a future with. I have referred all of my single friends to your site and will continue to do so!!! Best wishes with your business!!!


Ellixandrea (Orange County, April 2016)

Thanks Karen….

What a fun time and great venue!

Monica (Detroit, April 2016)


Marius and I got engaged in Hawaii on Feb 26th!!!

Shelly (Seattle, WA) March 2016


I meant to email this summer but time flies. I remember our host saying
at the event we went to that you wanted to know if we ended up in a
relationship after one of pre dating’s events. Well we met at Amber 3
1/2 years ago and got married last spring so it did work for us.

Jen and Jon (Seattle, WA) November 2015

Thanks Michael

… for hosting last night event, it was very nice and relaxing.
I am thinking about participating in another one in the future.

Vicente (Tampa, FL) June 2015


“I’ve found the love of my life from one of your speed dating events! Thank you!

Michelle (Tampa, FL) June 2015



Email to Event Host May 8, 2014:

I wanted to tell you about my last speed dating event back in 
January.  You may not remember but I was very resistant about 
attending another event.  In fact, I was dead set against it when you 
called me.  You and my therapist convinced me to try another time.  I 
had already been three times and I had not been on a single "date" and 
was content to just take a pass on any further attempts at speed 
dating.  I gave it three tries.

Well, it turns out that three times was not the charm.  Turns out that 
four times is the charm.  I met someone very special on the fourth 
time.  She is the love of my life and, while I won’t speak for her, 
she’s told me the same.  So, it turns out Speed Dating works!  (Who 
knew?)  We both joke about that a bit because neither of us were 
expecting much and it turned out quite the opposite.

We are both appreciative of having the opportunity to meet each 
other.  What we enjoy now wouldn’t have happened otherwise and I’m 
sending this e-mail to let you know that.  I know you don’t get much 
feedback but here it is.

Take care,



Emailed to Event Host April 30, 2015:

Hi Michael,

Sharon and I were married in January.  Thus, could you take me off this distribution list.

We are both very happy and feel free to use us as an example of how speed dating works……………..Turns out, it does.  I have never been happier in my life…….and I’m old……..sort of.

And we live in NY now…………….

Take care,


(Raleigh/Durham) April 2015


I never thanked you for hosting our event last night (July 13 2014 Fitzgerald’s ages 24-36F) at Fitzgerald’s. So, many thanks to you for organizing such a fantastic program. It never occurred to me that one could meet so many cool individuals in such an expeditious and efficient manner. As you say, it’s better than sliced bread. And a whole lot more fun!

I’m not sure if I’ll be receiving any responses, but at any rate, I’m glad I attended and got a chance to participate in the festivities.

Again, thanks for presiding over such a fun and lively event and I look forward to the forthcoming one in August.


-Tarun (Raleigh/Durham) July 2014


I attended a predating event in Louisville in 2008 and met my husband there. We have been married for 5 years

I strongly believe that speed dating is the best singles dating service since it helped me meet my husband. Our paths would never have crossed had it not been for speed dating.

Lavanya (Louisville, January 2015)

Hi Khris

My husband and I met in February 2012 at one of your events. We were married in July of 2013 and had our first baby in June of this past year. We continue to spread that possibilities of Speed Dating and send people your way!

Have a great holiday!

Christina and Michael (Westchester, Dec 2014)

Hi Denia,

So, you asked me to let you know if found a special lady back at a
event that you held in 10/20 and I think I have. 🙂 I want to thank
you again for holding these speed dating events and what a wonderful
job running them! Without you, I don’t think I would have ever met
this wonderful woman called Nina. I actually attached a photo of us at
a company holiday party.

Once again, thank you for all that you do to run these events!


– (Buffalo, Dec 2013)

This is Terry …

… and I attended a pre-date on January 15th where I
met Ashley. We have hit it off wonderfully and are definitely
together! Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to meet
each other!

Terry (Dallas, March 2014)

Hi Khris

My husband and I met in February 2012 at one of your events. We were married in July of 2013 and had our first baby in June of this past year. We continue to spread that possibilities of Speed Dating and send people your way!

Have a great holiday!

Christina and Michael (Westchester, Dec 2014)


Your meetup group did a wonderful thing and I would like to share it with you! A few years ago your meetup group offered speed dating at the Bourbon Street Grill. Two people at that event met and it lead them to getting married. Richard met Rachel and now they are Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dworak. A picture of them is posted under the upcoming Halloween event I just posted. He is in a Bishop costume and she is a nun. You can claim success from this because they did meet and fell in love at one of your events you hosted! Pretty cool!
Have a fabulous day! 😉

Lori (Milwaukee/Madions, August 2014)

Hey Julie

Aw, I have been meaning to shoot you an email! We just turned 1 month on
Monday 🙂 and we’re totally and utterly in love. I became his on that
first date. Lol 😀 I soooo couldn’t thank you guys enough for getting us
together. I honestly didn’t know I was going to be so serious with
someone so fast, especially since I am so busy with school and work, but
we do whatever it takes to make it work. I’m soooo glad you got back to
Anthony with my email address. We talk about those first emails to each
other all the time. And I can’t wait to tell our kids one day that we
met at a speed dating event. Take care, and I promise to keep you guys
updated 🙂 THANK YOUUUU again for helping me find the man of my dreams!

Leah (Palm Beach, June 2014)

Hi Emma

I wanted to share some great news with You. Last year I attended (for the 1st time ever) a speed dating event which was held at The Still in Timonium, Md. On April 15, 2013. I met the woman of my dreams that night and we started dating. Her name is Karen. So fast forward to Friday May 9th, 2014. I actually reserved the same room at The Still, that the speed dating event was held in, and set up the table the exact same way it was when I met herŠshe was at Table 10. I had her fill out a Post Speed Dating Questionnaire in which she had to respond with a "Yes" or "No" answer to ALL of the questions. I have to let You know that the questions were such that the ONLY answer she could give was a "Yes". The purpose of my questionnaire was to get her used to saying "YES", and that’s because the final question that I had for her was not on the written questionnaire. It was at approx. 5:45pm on Friday May 9, 2014, in a room at The Still, that I got down on my knee, with engagement ring in hand, and asked her my final questionŠKaren, "Will You Marry Me?" And she said "YES!!!"

There is so much more to "Our" storyŠbut I wanted to Thank You for setting up that particular speed dating event, because I met My PERFECT Match!!! Thanks again Emma!

Have a great day!

Scott (Baltimore, May 2014)

Hi Julie

Kristani here. Interestingly, at the same time my beloved Luis was e-mailing you, I was looking for your contact info to do the same thing!
Not only do great minds think alike but my Twin Flame and I are finding synchronicity of timing to be an everyday occurrence between the two of
us 🙂

And like Luis, my life has not been the same since Thursday, January 30th when we met at the Speed Dating event you hosted.

That night I was blessed to meet the most incredible man with whom I have a soul connection unlike any I’ve experienced before.

Our relationship (having been going strong for 3 months now) continues to bring me much happiness and fulfillment. I can’t imagine my world without him.

That night when you and I walked to our cars together after Speed Dating was over, I remember telling you that Luis seemed like he was an
old-fashioned gentleman who still believed in chivalry which was the sort of man I was looking for. You said I was right. Well, he has turned
out to be that and so much more! He is a real, live hero with a heart as big as this planet.

I am eternally grateful for the opportunity your event provided Luis and I. But more importantly, I am appreciative for your personal presence at that event. Your genuine care and desire to bring potential couples together is to be commended.

I want to thank you for being you and for doing what you do!


Kristani (West Palm Beach, April 2014)


This is Luis from Speed Dating…My sweet Angel, Miss Kristani is also on this email

WHO KNEW that rainy night Thursday, January 30th at WPB Cityplace Blue
Martini would be a turning point for me? My life has not been the
same since that night (in a good way)!!

I will always remember that magical date on a calendar: for that night I
met the most amazing woman I have ever known….I remember glancing at
her across the bar and falling in love instantly.

As I told you : “I’m done, Julie..Thank you for everything but I give
up..I’m done dating..If I don’t meet somebody tonight, it does not
matter: you will never see me at Speed Dating again”

God has blessed me with my soulmate..Kristani is everything any man could want in a woman.

Most importantly, her outer beauty is overshadowed by her kind heart and pure soul..

She is an Angel masquerading as a Human Being…

I am forever grateful for Palm Beach Speed Dating and for you YOU, Miss Julie!!

I gave up on finding True Love and now I’ve experienced the most amazing woman I’ve ever known

Thank you……..Thank you…………Thank you!!

Luis (West Palm Beach, April 2014)


Hi! I want to say hi and thank you. I met a very nice man at your St. Pete December event. We have been dating since January ! 2 Very happy
people .

Thank you

Andrea (Tampa, March 2014)

Hi Angie,

My name is Kate. I don’t know if you remember me. One year ago today, you sent out an email offering 3 free spots for a Speed Dating event that night because a few women had canceled. Since I’d had such a great experience at my first Speed Dating event a few months earlier and I didn’t have any plans that night, I decided to go last minute. That ended up being the BEST decision of my life! I ended up meeting the love of my life that night! I went out on dates with a few of my matches, but one man, Akaash, slowly became more special than the others. Now, one year later, we’re still madly in love. He got a job in the Bay Area last summer, so we did the long distance thing for several months, but I just moved up here a couple weeks ago. We’ve never been happier! Whenever I ask Akaash how I got to be so lucky to be his girlfriend, he always reminds me that, “We can thank those 3 girls who dropped out of the Speed Dating event.” Needless to say, we both tell our single friends to try Speed Dating. Thanks so much for coordinating the event that brought Akaash and me together!


Kate (Orange County, Feb 2014)

Justin and I met on 2/20/2013.

Our one year anniversary is approaching and I wanted to let you know that we have enjoyed such a fun 12 months together, all because of Speed Dating. We met at an event held in Ann Arbor. I called in sick to work to attend the event, and he reluctantly went after his sister purchased a ticket for him.

I remember when he sat at my table. He didn’t seem anxious, he was extroverted and very funny. He didn’t compare me to an actress on The Office or spend the entire 7 minutes discussing creatures that live in the ocean like others did. At the end of the event, I had actually become friends with the woman on the left and right of me (they happened to be best friends) and after afterward, I invited them to dinner. Justin was standing off to the side and I asked him to come to dinner with us and he was very happy to do so. That is totally breaking the rules, isn’t it?

The four of us arrive at a local restaurant and Justin sits next to me. We realize both women are a bit intoxicated and while one cried, the other discussed fungus. Justin and I had the best time with them with many opportunities to laugh! He bought my dinner and drove me to my car afterward. He asked what an appropriate amount of time was to wait to call me and I giggled at the unspoken rules of dating being discussed.

The following day, we got out emails.

In the past year, we have enjoyed birthdays, holidays, skiing, hockey games, concerts, costume parties, getting to know each other and getting to know our families

Thank you so much for changing my life,


– (Ann Arbor, Feb 2014)

Hey Debra

Again I want to thank you for putting on the event last night. It was very
well run and I had a nice time.

Thank you!

Laura (Houston, Jan 2014)

Hi there, Ann…

Wanted to update you…I met a wonderful man at one of your events in
April 2012 and we have formed a lovely relationship!
I must say, I am very happy. And although I enjoyed myself at your event,
I am doubtful that I will be attending anytime soon. 🙂

Will you kindly remove my name from your list/email list please?

Best of luck on making additional connections.


Jennifer (Cincinnati, Jan 2014)

Hi Tammy,

We wanted to let you know that we met at this event back in January at
this event. We started dating right away and fell in love. We got
married a few weeks ago and are very happy. We thought you would like to
add us to your testimonials or success stories. We really liked the
event and think it would work for others as well.


~Brad and Jean (San Diego, Jan 2014)

John & Lisa met in Sept 2007 at a Reno speed dating event at Mi Casa Too Restaurant.

We were the first ones to meet & after meeting 11 other men, I missed talking to John & definitely was interested.

I was terrified he might of connected with one of the other 11 women there, but he did come right over to me after the event & got my number, we got engaged a year later & married in April 2010.

We tell all our single friends how great this event was ! All the other men & women there were all nice & interesting as well. We both met lots of great singles that night & hope they all met their forever mates too!

Thanks for an unforgettable night.

John & Lisa Crum

– (Reno, Sept 2013)

Michael, Thank you so much!

Well organized and fun!! Definitely recommending to All single people.

Maryanna (Tampa, Sept 2013)

My name is Agustin, and her name is Cristy. We went to a speed dating event on Jan 29th

I had no expectations … neither did she. We have been together ever since. We are moving together to South Florida. Thank you for being the bridge that made this happen. I am so happy! We are now talking about getting married! That day will not be forgotten.

Augustin (Gainesville, Aug 2013)

Our paths would never have crossed without meeting through a Pre-Dating Speed Dating event.

I was working in the semiconductor industry and Traci, my future wife, was working with a non-profit organization on social Justice issues. Speed Dating provided a safe and professional environment to meet new people outside of our usual social circles. Karen, a friend and colleague, organized the event and encouraged me to attend. After that initial 6 minute introduction, where Traci and I met, we exchanged emails and went out for lunch a week later where we talked for almost 4 hours. We found out that we grew up only 120 miles from each other in the Midwest, had many of the same core values, and shared a passion for music and dancing. Now after 6 1/2 years together, we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary this past January and enjoy parenting our son Carlos who is almost 3 1/2 years old. We happily tell others how we met and encourage them to give Speed Dating a try as it just may lead them to find their soul mate like it did for us.”

Mark (Albuquerque, April 2013)


Just wanted to let you know that I am exclusively dating a gentleman I met through pre-dating. Therefore, I would like you to remove my name from any upcoming events (I believe I am signed up for the end of May pre-dating event).

Thank you.
Michele String (Milwaukee, April 2013)


I went to 2 of your events over a year ago or bit more with having some dates, which was good. However the Feb. 7th, which was my 3rd I actually met a great girl who I can now call my girlfriend! Thought you may like to hear about a good match made.

– Thanks,
Ryan (Tampa, March 2013)


Andrew and I met at the speeddating event at the Spaghetti Factory in Fairfield, OH back in October. We’re still dating! I just wanted to let you guys know that long-term relationships CAN come from this! Much better and enjoyable than online dating.

– Andrea W (Jacksonville, Oct 2012)

To Pre-Dating, South Florida

Just a quick note to let you know that I met my husband at one of your Miami speed-dating evenings in July of 2005. We are happily married, and I’m pretty certain that I would not have met him elsewhere, as neither of us were into the bar scene. Prior to meeting him, I attended several other speed-dating evenings though your company and they were always fun evenings with people who I found to be attractive, bright, and professional. I preferred your speed-dating evenings to bars, other singles-type events, or Internet dating. It was nice to be able to meet a certain number of single people in person who were of a similar age and also looking for a relationship, then decide if there was chemistry/connection with any of them, and if so take it from there. I continue to recommend your group to my single friends and acquaintances and definitely would encourage people looking for a relationship to try speed dating. Thanks so much!

– Beth W


Im not sure if you still do the coordinating for speed dating. If you are
I just wanted you to know that I did the speed dating at the Mos Irish Pub
in downtown Milwaukee in March/2011 and I met Mike Einstein. We just got
married yesterday:) Just wanted to give you our success story.


– Rachel (Milwaukee, Dec 2012)

“My husband & I met at a speed dating event 5 yrs ago.

It was 9-18-07 at MiCasa too event off 4th St. in Reno. We tell all of our friends and they love the story!


– Lisa (Reno, Nov 2012)

“We got married!

Just a quick note to your organization that my husband and I met at one of your events in November of 2010 at Kimera in Newport Beach, CA and on Sept. 8th of this year we celebrated our fabulous wedding with friends and family! Followed by the most wonderful honeymoon in France. We both thank you for bringing us together!

Brenda Strong (now Jackson!)

– (LA, Oct 2012)

“You run a very professional …

… highly-organized event. I was very impressed!


– Gloria (Raleigh/Durham, Nov 2012)


Good work and I love how organized your event was.


– Felicia (Tampa, Oct 2012)


Thanks for putting together such a nice evening. You made everything run smoothly and made people feel comfortable.

Take care,”

– Laura (Raleigh/Durham, Oct 2012)


My boyfriend and I just celebrated our one year anniversary, and it reminded me to write and thank you for hosting the pre-dating event last
September at Fox and Hound in Winston Salem. We met at that event and have dated seriously ever since! This year has been the best ever, and I adore my boyfriend. I’m sure that I never would have met him if it hadn’t been for you coordinating that event.

Thanks, so much!”

– Jen (Greensboro, Oct 2012)

“Hey Ellen, This is Jan.

I wanted to tell you that the girl I brought with me to speed dating (Joann) actually met someone that night – actually speed dating! They are crazy about each other. He’s 48 and she’s 61. He said you have called him for a ‘fill-in’ person with the older group, because you didn’t have enough guys! PLUS, when they met, Joann thought she was meeting someone else (just like you warned.) lol But it worked out!

Thought you might want to know! I’d do it again…

Thanks, Ellen!”

– Jan (Jacksonville, Sept 2012)

“I wanted to compliment Kathy…,

…who was the event coordinator for last night’s speed/pre-dating event at the Londoner Pub and Grill in Baton Rouge, LA. I have not found out just yet if I lucked up and met a match, but it was a fun night out either way.

– William (Baton Rouge, Sept 2012)

It was a great evening run by Angie,

thank you”

– Susie (Orange County, August 2012)

Great event as usual.

Very well organized. I Highly recommend the speed
dating events arranged by Angie.

Thanks again Angie.

– Ahmed (Orange County, August 2012)

Thanks Debra.

Yes, take this in a positive way – it was much more fun than I anticipated going in! And you did a fantastic
job getting everyone comfortable and coordinating the evening. Thanks. And thanks for the compliments. So at
the risk of deflating my now swollen head, is a large number of responses for men pretty typical? (I know you
can’t be specific about last evening, but in general). And any coaching or pointers you can provide are
always accepted. Been about 30 years since I left the dating scene. I plan to send Penny a note shortly
to see if we can arrange a get-together.

Thanks again. Cheers!

– Rudy (Houston, July 2012)

Hi Angie,

Just wanted to say Hey! and share that on my first event with you, on an event that I should not have come (I canceled out and reinstated myself), I met Doris. We have been together since and it has been amazing.


– Mahesh (Orange County, July 2012)

Thanks Debra!

I loved meeting you yesterday. We had so much fun. I hope to
see you again soon.

– xoxo – Taylor B (Houston, July 2012)

In response to his match email:

Hi Debra

Wow that fast. I liked the result for sure.

– Grant (Houston, July 2012)


I was circumspect about any success having been my first time at an event like this. However, I have to say thank you for introducing me
to SunSoon. I’m happy to report, I’m not greedy so not likely to attend this next invite. More later. What a wonderful woman!

Thanks again,

– Dan (San Diego, June 2012)

Alan and I met each other at the speed dating event you hosted on April 4, 2011 in San Diego. We’ve been dating ever since and got engaged in November. We are getting married in May 2012. 🙂 Thought you might like to hear about the happy ending. THANK YOU!

– Laura

Thanks so much for the match emails. I’ve
already received an email from Nick so I’m really happy I made a connection
with a nice guy.  I’m glad I went to your event!

I just wanted to send a compliment about what a great experience I had at one of your events yesterday hosted by Mary in Albany. She
was an excellent host and created such a comfortable environment. I would recommend
my friends to your events.

Brent and I met at your speed dating session on 08/08/08
(the luckiest day of the millennium).
The session was held at
the Lion and Compass restaurant in Sunnyvale. After many happy months together,
he proposed  on Labor day 2009. We wanted to spread the good word
and fill you in on our exciting news! I have been spreading the word of
speed dating like wildfire, and encouraging all of our single friends to
try it. Brent and I haven’t set a date yet, but we’re looking to have our wedding
around this time next year.  All our best,
-Jewel and Brent

I went to a speed date event on July 10, 2007 in Los
Feliz area in Los Angeles.
That day, I matched with Steve and
we started dating. On May 1, 2010, Steve and I got married.  We want
to share our success story.  It does work. Thank you.

Thank you for inviting Teresa and myself to the speed dating event on October 19th. I
have found a match and a mate. I wanted to let you know how happy we both are
and thanks to your invite, as a special favor to me, you have made a difference
in both of our lives.

I attended your speed dating event on May 19, 2009
and met Mark there.
He and I were married on May 1, 2010. I
just wanted to let you know that we were a success!


Success - Predating Couple Marries!

I would like to thank you for becoming an instrument in finding my life long partner.

I met my husband thru your speed dating event way back July  2007 at the
Melting Pot in St. Pete, then got married June 2009 and now we’re expecting our
first baby in Aug 2010. Your website and other tutorial materials are really
beneficial and effective! I only went to the speed dating once and I did not
expect to meet my husband that night! But with God’s help and yours, I
am really thankful. Grateful and happy,

Thanks for continuing to send me email messages about Pre-Dating. I have great news! In 2008, I attended a Pre-Dating event at Cafe Habana in Ann Arbor. I met a great guy named Mike. He and I hit it off almost immediately, and we are getting married next month. I wish you the very best!


I just wanted to bring you up to date and explain
why I will not be participating in any events in the near future.
results from your soiree were more than I expected. The ladies I met there
were, for the most part, very interesting and at this point I am seeing
several of them on a casual dating basis, but I want to give these the
opportunity to
develop should one of the relationships start to firm up. Right now I am
more than delighted with the results and send you a little mental "thank
you" on a more-than-weekly basis.

I just wanted you to see it officially.

Have a grand and glorious weekend.

Alan (
Age 59)

By the way, I referred a bunch of speed daters to your company, Pre-Dating. A bunch of girlfriends of mine found
another company (edited out to protect the ‘innocent’) and signed up and
since I had talked about how fun and interesting my last Speed Dating
event was, I figured I better put my
money where my mouth was and sign up too, or they might get suspicious.

It was a disaster! They [the nameless company] didn’t send out
confirmation emails until the day before. Then the emails said the wrong
city so we didn’t know if they had moved it or made a mistake. Then we
found out they moved it. So we get there and they had combined both the
age groups into one super big group. There were 27
year old guys who were mortified to be speed dating with 40 year old
women and 40 year old women who thought talking to a 27 year old guy was a
major waste of time. That’s not all. They didn’t have a buzzer or
bell. Instead one very mild-mannered man would walk from table to table
whispering "So sorry to interupt… this concludes your speed date.
Please proceed to the table to your right when you are
finished with your conversation." So that created a backlog of guys
loitering around waiting for the next guy to get the message. Then they
announced there were appetizers but never gave us time to take a
break, so the time of going up to get something to eat
came out of your date time. There were probably about 15 dates with no

Instead of a nicely organized sheet of paper for note-taking like your
company offers, it was a small piece of paper where you just
put the numbers or names of the people you liked and your email or phone
number. One of the organizers offered all five of us
girls a free event but we’re not sure we want to put ourselves through
that disorganization again.

I told a bunch of people if they wanted to try speed dating
again, to try your events instead because they are far
more organized.

Take care!

My first experience with 6 minute dating was with you on Wednesday
the 11th.
I found it very enjoyable as it’s nice to have a captive,
unmarried, female audience. Everyone that I have talked to, both
male and female really liked the experience. I especially am appreciative
as I did a competitor’s version on Wednesday evening at Champions,
in Frederick. I liked that you had yours in a quiet, secluded environment.
You were more organized and easier to understand and I like the
methodology of matching much better with yours than with theirs.
The another competitor had 14 women and only 8 men. After the first
8 meetings, we took a break, and then they cancelled the rest. Just
wanted to let you know that your speed dating system is the best.

I’m in love!!! I had put myself on the waiting list
for the next Clearwater event, but I won’t be needing your services
anymore, because it worked the first time around! I almost chickened
out and didn’t show up, but am I grateful I changed my mind! Thank
you for helping me “expand my horizons” and experience
the fact that there ARE good guys out there. I am lucky enough to
be falling in love with one of them!!! I am blissfully happy, and
I wanted to let you all know!” -Shannon

I had a blast last nite! It was so much fun! All the
people were
friendly, upscale, professional & fun to be arouund! I felt
like we were
kids playing “Musical Chairs.” – Marlene Age 48

I wanted to thank you for the event February 14 ( VALENTINE’S
DAY ).
I met the most wonderful woman there. We did not even
stay for the whole event. We went out and ended up dancing until
2 AM that night!!! We hit it off
great, and saw each other every chance we got. Now we are PLANNING
OUR WEDDING!!! We are getting married on April 16 next year. Thanks
to you we are the happiest people in the world…..Thanks again”

Last night was amazing! (6:20 PM Session 35-45).
It would have taken me a year of hanging around in bars to be able
to meet and talk with so many quality women! This is so much better
than Internet or Video dating for the not-so photogenic (such as
myself!) The little bell rings and everybody has to move on, nobody
gets monopolized for the entire evening and I did not need to be
forward or aggressive to get to talk to the women I wanted to talk
to. I was especially impressed by several of the women there and
hope to get to know them a little better…..Unless I start dating
someone seriously in the near future, I can see myself going to
nightclubs a lot less and dating a lot more with your system……Thanks
Pre-Dating!.” – Carl

I just wanted to thank you for creating such a wonderful
event last night.
I can’t recall a better value for either my
time or money than the Pre-Dating event down in the Gaslamp last
night. Thanks again!” – Christopher

The men I met were attractive, articulate and professional.
Frankly, before signing up I was a bit nervous about what kinds
of people go to these things but I took a chance and it turned out
they are just busy and don’t have time to waste meeting people in
more ‘traditional’ ways. If things don’t work out with my matches
I’ll definitely sign up again, it was fun and it works!” –
Jamie, Age 37

Now my life is complicated! I have several women I
am truly interested in–yet I’m a “one-woman man”. I don’t know
if any will lead to something serious; if so, I’ll let you know.
If not, I may see you at another event. In any case, it’s going
to probably take some time for me to learn more about each woman
on my list. It will make the next few months very enjoyable, no
doubt. This was a great way for me–a new arrival in Houston–to
meet good, new people outside of work. Once again, I thank you most
sincerely. ” –

I tried everthing under the sun, including,
club med, church, singles organizations, “great expectatations”,
etc, etc., Nothing compares to this…face to face…one on one…no
pressure. And most importantly, I matched with a few beautiful,
intelligent, classy women. ” – John, 41

I would recommend attending a Pre-Dating event to any
busy single person who would like to widen their dating horizons.

It’s the perfect way to meet new people in the dating environment
without the awkwardness of having to find a way to say “sorry I’m
not interested” after the first meeting. If you’re just not interested
in someone all you have to do is check “no” on the form and there’s
no further contact. The great thing is that you’re only put in contact
with people who are also interested in you. I got three matches
from the event I attended last week and have a date tomorrow night.
What a great concept!” – Donna, 44

I was a little concerned before arriving at yesterday’s
This was my first time doing this type of event.
I had such a great time and
will do it again if I need to. Over the course of the night, I had
an extremely
positive experience. All 14 women that I met were nice and I enjoyed
my six
minutes with each. The quality of people that I met was far better
spending several nights in a smoke-filled bar. The location, flow
and set-
up was well thought-out and intimate. It is not like me to thank
but this was such a great event. I want you to know that I personally
appreciate all of the effort and time that was required. I will
be telling
friends about this service.

Thank you again and I look forward to receiving my matches!”
-Jim, Chicago IL

I would just tell people to try it – the worst that
happens is you talk to several people – go out for the evening and
find out a little bit about them – no harm done and you had a nice
night. If you meet some friends or dates, that’s even better. ”
– LINDA, 26

The evening was so interesting because of the diversity
of people.
I met an airline pilot, a carpenter, a facilities
director, an importer/exporter of coffee, and someone who monitors
NASA’s space station. Out of 11 men, there were two that I wanted
to get to know better. I was glad I hadn’t spent 11 evenings to
find this out, and I look forward to getting together with the two
who piqued my interest. Thanks for coordinating this event. It is
an excellent way to meet many eligible singles in just one evening!”
– Denise, 39

I had a great time at the Metro in Virginia Beach the other night.
I met people there that I would never have came across in my daily
travels. I was very pleased to see that I made several matches.
I have sent out Emails to make contact, and we’ll see where it goes
from there. I was very impressed with how organized it all was.
It must be very satisfying to help people in an area of their life
that can sometimes be the most frustrating! – Patrick, Virginia

I met some nice women friends too! ” – LAURA,

I was a little skeptical about how this was going to work
I ended up having a really great time and meeting incredibly
nice people who had busy schedules like me. I would recommend this
to anyone who doesn’t have a lot of time on their hands to meet
quality people.” – Maryann, Age 29.

GUYS: Do yourself a favor and TRY THIS NOW. This is
by far the coolest, fastest, easiest, and most painless way you
will find anywhere to meet quality single professionals. Everyone’s
comfortable because you’re in a diverse group of people who are
all there for the same reason in a friendly atmosphere with no pressure.
You just mark down privately which people you’ve met that you’d
like to get to know better. Then your coordinator emails you later
telling you which people felt the same way and how to contact them.
So you don’t have to worry about rejecting anyone or feeling rejected.
I’m a busy guy who travels a lot. I was totally over awkward blind
dates, lame singles bars, and online dating. This changed my life.
Even if you aren’t looking for the love of your life I guarantee
you will have fun and meet lots of interesting people you’ll want
to get to know better.” – Brian, 37, Virginia Beach.

Thanks, I had a great time at my first Pre-Dating meet
last Tuesday.
My sister didn’t want to go alone so I went along-It
was awesome! We both had a great time and were pleasantly surprised
to meet so many high quality people. I’ve got a date with one of
my matches next week and I’m telling all my friends to give it a
shot! ” – M.H. – Screenwriter

Very enjoyable…..met some nice people…….and
hope someone that I could hit it off with.!” – Rob, 42

I enjoyed this event. I got to speak to more eligible
women in one night than I have in over a year.
It was a relaxed
atmosphere and I enjoyed talking to everyone. I have already suggested
Pre-Date to all my single friends. I will definately attend another
event.” – Bruce, 37

Pre-Dating was a fun, low-pressure way to meet new people.
Even if you don’t make an instant connection…it was still nice
to talk to people in my area. Your staff is professional and organized
and the whole evening ran smoothly. I was truly impressed with the
whole event….and had a lot of fun to boot. Thank You! ” –
Laurie, 45

The only fear is having nothing say. It’s harmless
and you leave knowing that there are people out there that lead
interesting lives. It’s refreshing! TERIN, 23 ” – TERIN, 23

Thank you for coordinating the Pre-Dating event. Since
my schedule is so busy and being out of the dating scene for such
a long period of time, I just have not had nor attempted to take
the time to meet potential male friends. I don’t feel that I would
have been able to meet so many professional males in one location
if not for your services. I really enjoyed the opportunity of meeting
people in a safe and comfortable environment. Thank goodness for
Pre-Dating. Once again thank you. Keep up the good work!!!”
– Angela

I was very surprised how quickly the time flew by when
talking to the Pre-Dates.
Definitely an interesting way to screen
your dates quickly. The best part was that they were not the same
group of people that I see at all the singles parties every week!”
– Debbie, 43

I had a blast. I have informed several friends who
plan to go as well. For me the event itself was worth the money.
I had so much fun I didn’t feel I would be upset if I didn’t get
a match.” – Chris, 31

This was my first experience at this type of dating event.
I was a bit surprised to find all the men I met were professional,
neatly dressed, very personable and easy to talk to. Honestly, I
expected to find either arrogant or shy and boring men. Glad I gave
it a try!” – Beverly, 48

I was pleasantly surprised by the caliber of participants.
This was a completely fun and very interesting experience. I will
recommend Pre-Dating to all my single friends.” – Pete, 37

I had a great time. I honestly wasn’t quite sure to
expect, would the men be nice, would they be attractive (yes, I
know that is shallow but I did think that). All the men were very
nice, some had better personalities than others. I would HIGHLY
recommend this Pre-Dating to all my single friends, it was fun,
I met some great people and I got a date out of it :)” – Nicole,

I thoroughly enjoyed the “no pressure” atmosphere
and knowing that everyone in attendance was there for the same reason
and that was to meet and possibly find a date.” – Rocky, 40

I came away with a new hope that there are truly nice,
eligible men out there
and that they have as much trouble meeting
women as women have meeting men. It was so much fun, my face hurt
from smiling.” – Kimberly, 29

A good way for busy individuals like myself to meet several
people in one setting with no pressure, rejection on either end
or attitude.
Everyone is friendly because we’re all keeping
scores and at the end of the night the only one who knows if there
was a match is the facilitator. Higly recommend if you’re short
on time and tired of low quality dating. ” – WAYNE, 32

It was a fun evening, and a great way to get to talk to
such a wide variety of people with no pressure.
Although I didn’t
get any matches, it was a good mix of people, and I’m looking forward
to the next Pre-Date event. I highly recommend Pre-Dating to anyone
looking for a fun and easy way to meet singles. ” – RICHARD,

Los Angeles
25-35 Pre-Dating

What a great experience. I was pleasantly surprised
by the high caliber of people who attended. It was a great way to
meet a lot of people in a very short period of time. Five minutes
may not seem like much time, but it actually is enough time to decide
if you want to see the person again. Great concept, and I look forward
to participating again.” – Linda, 36

I had a great time! Everyone was a young professional
and age-matched. It was a very non-intimidating way to meet several
people in one night. ” – Joe, physician,39

Definitely a fun alternative.” – SCOTT, 34

I only had one match that matched me, but that is all
it takes.
She is a lot of fun and we are hitting it off great.
It’s a great way to meet many people in a short time with out any
committment to any. Thanks for give me a chance at a full life!”
Michael – Vegas

Well run with high caliber individuals to meet and interact
Would definitely do it again.” – David

I honestly cant think of anything that you could do better.
You have a fantastic concept and you execute it well. Keep doing
what you are doing. I think that anyone who actually gives Pre-Dating
a try will be pleasently surprised. Everyone seemed to share this
feeling and the result was a group of individuals fully engaged
in the concept. I was a skeptic, I’m not anymore!” Nick 34,

I have very little spare time and don’t really enjoy going
to the usual bars and clubs to meet new people.
My Pre-Dating
experience was perfect in that I met quite a few quality people
in a short amount of time-with no games or wasted time. I will not
hesitate to recommend this to any of my single friends looking to
expand their social circle. ” – MONIQUE, 30

I enjoyed the event very much – it was a new and fun way
of meeting someone.
Although I did not get any matches, it did
help me reconfirm the type of woman I am looking for. I will recommend
this event to all of my single friends!” Hector, 35 yrs, financial

I found the Pre-Dating event to be an excellent experience.
The event involved people who were interesting, attractive, and
enthusiastic. Most of the participants were very hard working professionals
that simply do not have a lot of time to meet others.” Ana
Grace, OC

This is a fantastic concept. You know within minutes
if you are attracted to someone. Pre-Dating makes it easy for you
to meet many people in a short period of time and determine if you
want to see them again. It alleviates fear of rejection and hurt
feelings because they handle the final contact.” – Kathy

I found the Pre-Dating event to be better than I had expected.
It was well organized, fun and the people were friendly. I would
definitely attend one in the future.” – Richard

I recommend it to every single person to try it. North,
South, East, West, meeting good people is hard but finding them
is even harder. This is the place to find them male or female. ”
– Carol, 34

Pre-Dating was fun. I met several nice guys in a no-pressure
environment. The hosts were great and made the whole event go very
smoothly. ” – Kristina, 35

I am one of those people who is always wondering how and
where to meet quality people.
This was the perfect event for
anyone who has ever felt that way. I did not make any matches at
my first event, but it was such a pleasent experience that I felt
it was worth every bit of the money. and I am very sure that I will
meet my match at a follow up event. Thanks for a great time”
– Mike, 38

It was a great way to meet people even if it is just for
being friends.
” – Kathy, 39

This was my first time ever doing something like this
and was extremely hesitant.
I wasn’t sure what type of crowd
would attend or what to expect. When I arrived, the host was extremely
friendly and calmed my nerves. After the second Pre-Date I was more
relaxed and began having a great time. I met a total of 14 men,
all professional, well groomed men. Everyone was there for the same
reason, to meet new and different people with possibility of dating
or maybe make a new friend that you wouldn’t otherwise have met.
It took the pressure of going out to bars and trying to meet men.
I also like the privacy of Pre-Date. No phone numbers are exchanged
unless you match with a person, no last names are used, and you
do not have the embarrassing feeling of rejection if someone doesn’t
choose you, its all private. I will be definitely be doing it again!
” – STACEY, 29

I did receive a match on my first Pre-Date
experience and I only said “yes” to three others. Very
cool concept. I will be going back. – Dan, 42

It was like a real life version of the TV show The Bachelor,
except it felt like they were competing for me instead!” –
Colleen, 34

Great idea for busy professionals – provides safe
way to meet new people without having to plan or worry about anything!
” – LAURA, 40

I went because there was nothing to lose other than an
hour and a half and a nominal fee.
I enjoyed myself, had a good
time, and got a match that turned into a very enjoyable date three
days later. Thanks for coming up with a great concept well executed!
” – JIM, 42

I had a great time. It was fun meeting all the different
types of men. ” – ABBY, 27

This was my first time going and I found the women to
be great and the number of people I met was amazing.
I met 13
woman and picked many, all in a little more than 1 hour’s time,
and for the price, you can’t beat that deal anywhere. I am already
going out on my first date within 48 hours of meeting from the event.
The coordinator did an outstanding job of keeping things going and
it’s such a good time that 6 minutes goes by like it was 2. Just
a great way of meeting people that are too busy, such as myself,
to spend hours meeting just 1 person. Here you get many in 1 hour!!
I highly, recommend trying it for yourself.” – John, 42

The most cost effective way to meet quality singles, I’ve
ever seen
!” – Bill, 44

Very nice event. I got to meet a lot of nice people
in a short amount of time. A great way to identify someone you have
things in common with to increase the odds for a great date. Would
definitely attend another!” – Rebecca, 40

It was perfect. ” – JOAN, 36

I think you guys did an excellent job !! ” –
Laurie, 45

American Pre-Dating

I thought event was extremely professional and the quality
of people ‘shocking’.
I thought the men and women were beautiful,
excited, and shared similiar interest. Most importantly, everyone
had the ‘courage’ and ‘self-confidence’ to attend a singles event
with the hopes of meeting interesting new people.” — Nicole,
Vice President of Software Quality Assurance

I wasn’t sure what to expect and was really surprised
at how much fun I had.
I enjoyed meeting everyone and the time
went by too fast. I met a stockbroker, a doctor, a tv news reporter
and several other professional men. I have told several of my friends
and they’re looking forward to the next event. It was well worth
the money for an hour and half of fun and meeting different people.
” – Kathy, Paralegal, 45

The organization of your event is fantastic. Pre-Dating
is a convenient way to meet singles in a relatively short amount
of time. It’s another way to open new doors. The hostess was very
warm and friendly. She communicated all issues before the sessions.
She did a very good job. ” – Mark, 33

Just a pleasant time meeting people. ” – DAVE,

“Ireally enjoyed the opportunity to meet so many men in
one setting.
All of the men were successful and attractive.
And the event was lots of fun! ” – KISHA, 35

I had a lot of fun, it’s a great way to meet people without
the stress of a club atmosphere and the loud music.
You know
they are there to meet other guys/girls, and you have enought time
to find out if you would like to see them again. It a great investment
since in a club you would waste at leat 50 a night for a club and
probably not meet one girl, In this case you pay 26 dollars and
meet up to 10 women that want to talk to you. Great idea..”
Kendrick, 28

I really enjoy the Pre-Dating format and feel that I have
met quality people by attending the events.
” – Jennifer,

I found it very interesting to meet a wide array of people
from different backgrounds and with different points of view.

– Lorrie, Age 40

Great atmosphere, well orchestrated and fun. My friends
are gonna love it!” – George, 29

A great way to meet people. I was impressed by the
quality of the ladies in attendance, in both looks and brains! I
will be back! (Unless I hook up with one of my matches first!)”
– Darren, 35

Six minutes with each person is just enough time figure
out whether you are interested in a date.
I would have spent
at least 12 hours with 12 different people and with Pre-Dating it
was condensed into a little over an hour. For any busy professional,
this is the way to go!” – Marketing Manager, 30

Eric and I met at a downtown Riverside event in June
I can’t believe it was that long ago. I went with a fellow
teacher, and he came with a good friend.

I had so much fun at the event and I had a few matches afterward, however, Eric
really stood out. By our thrid date I knew this was a man I could really be interested

Interested in to say the least! We have been to Hawaii, twice, New York, Florida,
Oregon, etc. We love spending time together and traveling together. He is a
patient, sexy, and wonderful man. I never would have met him without your pre-dating

We have been dating almost 5 years, we have now lived together 2 years, and
someday I’m sure we’ll take the marriage plunge. (I have a senior in high school
who keeps us busy!) I am so happy that my friend and I went to the event and
had an open mind. I met the man I plan to spend the rest of my life with.

I was really surprised at how much FUN the event was!
The format allows you to learn about people in a way that you never
would in another type of setting. It seemed like everyone was very
comfortable and having a good time. I’d definately recommend this
to anyone who wants to meet more people.” – SJ 43

I had a great time at Pre-Dating, I met several great
guys and even made a few girl friends to top it off.
It was
a fun night and I would definitely do it again.” Alison, 25

I talked to 15 guys that night, it was fun and a great
way to meet people
– I really enjoyed the night. It’s a great
idea!” – Dawn

I was surprised to see how many professionals there were.
Everyone that I talked to was working a great job and had a good
quality of life… just like me!” Kelly, 27

I think the event is good because it allows you to meet
people you wouldn’t likely meet and it’s an inexpensive way to network
and make new friends.
I think the DC area is a hard place to
meet single people and this gives you an alternative to the bar
scene.” – Lisa, 35

All relationships are based on the ability to listen,
speak and communicate.
Sadly, in our busy lives, single dances
and bars are not effective for anything but staring and making judgements
solely on looks. The Pre-Dating concept is suberb; it provides the
atmosphere to really both talk and listen and forces us to truly
evaluate what we want in a future relationship. It is very appropriate
for those that are truly looking for a close, intimate relationship
with lasting friendship for a lifetime.” – Marvin, 51

It’s a fun and safe way to meet single professionals.
” – JIMMIE, 37

It was very well run and organized. Very professional!
” – LINDA, 26

Overall I think you guys do a great job! I couldn’t do
it any better.
” – TONY, 45

It was great. ” – Greg, Lawyer

50-59 Pre-Dating
Florida Pre-Dating

It was a great experience to meet someone new and possibly
“the one”.
I would recommend it to others to give it a try.
” – Brian, Age 32

I have to admit that I was a little hesitant at first
because I wasn’t sure of the type of people that would attend.

Every Pre-Date that I met was a college-educated professional, which
was a real plus for me. Some matches were made and I can’t wait
to see how they will unfold. ” – Karen, Age 33

I really liked the way the event was run. It was organized
and fun!” – Laurie, Age 38

I was nervous at first, but after the second &quotmini-meeting&quot,
I felt much more comfortable.
The women were friendly. ”
– Al, 41

I really enjoyed the Pre-Dating event! It was fun
and you really get to meet a lot of different men looking for different
things, so there was a variety – take your pick, that is if they
pick you too! ” – Debbie, 44

Pre-Dating was great. I enjoyed the idea of meeting
new people and hearing them talk. You got to see them and get a
clip of their personality. It is a time saver. Sometimes 6 minutes
can be 5 minutes too much. And then 6 minutes can be very short.”
Jennifer, Sales Manager.

Pre-Dating is, by far, the most time- and cost-effective
way to socialize…in short, a great return on my investment.

For only $24 and 2 hours of my time, I met 13 people and have 3
potential dates!” – Kimberly, African-American Attorney, 34

It is a great program, very dignified, and appropriate.
– Ann Marie

For those of us who are tired of having to use one liner
openers to start a conversation at some bar and for the fact ladies
don’t like them in the first place then this event is for you.

This is a great way to meet someone with out having to be a BS artist.
You get to ask real questions and everyone there replies with real
answers. All participants are there to meet someone to date. Great
concept. I met several new friends and hopefully one will be my
soul mate. If not at least I have new friends.” – Bill, 41

I had a lot more fun than I thought I would! Plus,
some of the girls got together after the event and had a great time
chatting about the guys we met! ” – Stacey, Age 30

I did meet someone the first time so I am very happy.
I think it is important that you go more than once, because you
never know who you are going to meet. I did go a second time out
of curiosity and I did not match with any one because I did not
feel that I had any thing in common with any one there. But If I
had not meet someone, I would definitely do it again.” Cindy

Pre-Dating is a great way to meet other eligible singles.
” – Sherry, Age 29

Over the bar scene? Friends suck at match-making?
Take matters into your own hand and try this! ” – Jack, 31

I thought everything was well-organized and the coordinators
were very friendly.
” – Karen, 38

Fun way to meet people that are interested in getting
to know you!
” – Mark, Age 30

I thought the event was well run and a great opportunity
to meet people in an easy and safe situation.
” – Shelley,
Age 43

I’ve been to numerous singles events and have done Internet
I consider Pre-Dating to be the best way to meet women.
Keep up the good work. ” – BRIAN, 35

This was great fun, non-threatening, efficient, and inexpensive!
I’ll do it again.” – Julia, Age 43

It is definately worth your money and a good way of meeting
singles than club/bar scenes
.” – Lorraine, Age 33

I really didn’t know what to expect but it turned out
to be really fun.
Most of the people seemed to be quality people.
It’s a great way to meet people without too much pressure. I think
it was very well organized. I would recommend to friends. In fact,
I already have! ” – Michele, 34

This was my first event of this type, and I thoroughly
enjoyed it.
The girls I met were all high quality, and I am
now in contact with a number of them. Thanks Pre-Dating!” –
Dan, Finance Manager, 27

Pre-Dating had exceeded my expectations. It was tastefully
done. Once everybody warmed up, the evening zoomed by. Pre-Dating
is a wonderful opportunity to meet professional, very attractive
and articulate men. Out of the 12 or 13 men who attended I matched
up with four, so I’m VERY happy. If you’re looking to meet someone
new, even if it’s just some one to hang out with for the summer,
Pre-Dating is the place to go. Give it a try, you won’t regret it.”
– Desiree, Age 37

Orange County, California


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