Pre-Dating featured in Woman’s World | Dating after Divorce or Breakup!

dating advice after divorce - speed dating and lock & key singles events

Dating after Divorce or Breakup! Try the newest form of speed dating!


The dating scene can be daunting whether you’re 25 or 55! Get yourself on the path to love with tips from dating expert Lisa Daily:

Find a Lock and Key Party!

Although this may sound a little scandalous, it’s not – at these parties, women get locks, men get keys and both wander around trying to find the person they “fit” with.  It’s a simple and fun conversation starter! And don’t worry: if your guy isn’t your type, you’re free to mingle! For events in your area, check out

Forget the old eight-minute dating events — the new thing is three-minute dating (put together by companies like… Studies show it takes just three minutes to gauge your interest in a new prospect, and since these events can pack in more dates, you’ll have a better chance of making a connection!