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February 2015









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In the coming weeks, as a benefit to being on our list, you'll start getting a dating and relationships tips / resources email direct to your inbox multiple times a week. You'll be able to discontinue receiving that valuable content any time you want. Although some people may opt-out once they enter into a relationship, the emails you'll be receiving will have a solid amount of relationship advice for newly coupled people as well.


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Questions From Other Singles Like You

Wondering about Speed Dating events or how Pre-Dating does them? Maybe just a relationship question in general? Some other people did as well and here are their questions to us.


If you have a question, simply email us at and if selected for our next Newsletter youÕll get a complimentary ticket to one of our events.





Hi Pre-Dating,


I am recently single, I had been married for 24 years, and now I find myself in the dating scene yet again, however, dating is totally different then what I had known it to be. Any suggestions? 


Answer from Pre-Dating


Dear "Divorced and Confused",


The first thing you have to understand, is you are NOT alone! The baby boomers have set a precedent with the divorce rate being over 40%, which has left many people in their 40's and 50's single again. In the age of technology and computers, the dating scene has changed dramatically. That being said, the idea of dating in and of itself, has not. 


There are many options for you, as a recent divorcee, to look at. Of course, there are our events, but there are many other avenues you can look at including online dating and other social mixers occurring in your area, such as Lock and Key events ( use Promo Code PDNL to save $6.00). One thing we recommend is getting out there and meeting new people through localized events, as this helps you get back into the groove of things and allows you to meet other people who are going through the same thing as you. Pretty much anywhere you look, there is some kind of single's social outing being offered, and we highly recommend getting out there. 




Hi Pre-Dating,


I am a 57 year old man who is looking to meet women in their 30's or 40's, however, I see all of your event in my age group are 50+, what gives?


Answer from Pre-Dating



Dear "Young At Heart",


As you can probably imagine, this is one of the most commonly asked questions, and yes, we offer special interest events from time to time which include "younger women / older men" and conversely "younger men / older women" and these events cover various age differences.


While many people say "age is just a number" at the same time, some people do have preferences relating to the age of those they date (both younger or older) and for a variety of reasons. 


One thing some people don't know until they actually attend one of our events is that for most events more men tend to be at the upper end of the age range, while more women tend to be at the lower end of the age range. So if you saw we had an event for single professionals ages 49-59, then on average, most women would be closer to 49 while most men would be closer to 59. There are of course some women and men in the upper or lower part of the range respectively, but our statistics show men trend older while women trend lower within a posted age range for an event.


Lastly, while we do strive to ensure attendees are within the stated age range for an event, we cannot guarantee it and we do often allow an exception or two maximum (both under or over an age range). It's up to your local Event Coordinator (EC) so be sure to contact your EC, let he or she know you are a bit outside the stated age range and if you can attend. If there are not already other people of your gender on the registration list that are outside the age range, then odds are it may be fine.


So what does this mean to Mr. Young At Heart? It means if you don't see a special event for younger women / older men, you should still consider attending an event based on what we've stated in our answer to you plus you can always email your EC to see if you can squeeze into an event you are slightly outside the age range of.







Every Month, Pre-Dating wants to offer you personally selected training courses and/or Books which are offered to help you get the most out of dating in the real world. Please find our special partner offers below!


Ladies and Gentlemen: 



The Ultimate Relationship Collection!


Check out this months Special Partner Offer, covering everything about Romance, Dating, Relationships, Marriage and even Sex! As seen on as well as endorsed by Oprah, this program is bound to help you along way to a happy, and blissful relationship.












Roy's Relationship Corner





My purpose and passion in life is to help single people attract lasting love. Over the years, I have seen 7 issues that consistently sabotage people and keep them single. While they have their foot on the Ògas pedal,Ó desiring to move their love life forward, they often donÕt realize they have the other foot on the Òbrake.Ó


My new book, Attracting Lasting Love: Breaking Free of the 7 Barriers that Keep You Single, describes these self-sabotaging issues and what to do about them.


This is part four of a series of articles in which IÕm addressing each one of the 7 barriers and IÕm doing so by sharing an excerpt directly from the book. (If you missed the previous articles, email me at and IÕll send them to you.)

This month IÕm addressing a barrier that is so important that I often describe it as the REAL reason youÕre still single. Even though we have our foot on the gas pedal, desiring to attract lasting love, sometimes we have our other foot on the brake, keeping ourselves single. HereÕs how I describe it in the book:


An excerpt from Attracting Lasting Love:


ÒI know you have a very strong intention to attract lasting love. It probably is a bucket list item for you. You are, in fact, reading a book on how to do it, and you probably know all about the Law of Attraction, visualizing and feeling the relationship you want, blah, blah, blah. And perhaps youÕve even prayed for it. So, I know your life wonÕt feel complete if you donÕt experience a great relationship. All that is to say, IÕm not disputing that your foot is on the Ògas pedal.Ó It definitely is. Attracting lasting love is your intention.


And it doesnÕt matter one single bit.


You can press the pedal all the way to the floor but nothing is going to happen because your other foot is on the brake. In other words, no matter how strong your intention is, underneath it is an even stronger commitment to staying single. For some reason, you do NOT want to be in a great relationship. How do I know that?

Because youÕre not.


Remember, youÕre not a victim, youÕre a creator. (This was the topic of last monthÕs newsletter.) This is your movie and youÕve written the script. Your life is a reflection of your deepest commitments, whether youÕre conscious of them or not. Being single is not happening Òto you,Ó itÕs happening Òby you.Ó And for some reason, you must want to be singleÑbecauseÑwell, youÕre single! (IÕm committed to writing this book. How do I know that? Because IÕm writing this book!) The fact of the matter is:


You have a hidden, unconscious resistance to a relationship

and itÕs stronger than any intention you might have.


Of the 7 barriers weÕre addressing in this book, the Commitment Barrier is by far the sneakiest, most powerful one of them all. You have one foot on the gas and the other on the brakeÑand you donÕt know it. And nothing will happen in your love life, it wonÕt go anywhere, until this unconscious resistance/barrier is brought up into the light and dealt with.


The good news is, though, that while this is the sneakiest and most powerful barrier, itÕs the easiest one to release. ItÕs a simple 3-step process: Claim, Wonder, Listen.


Claim, Wonder, Listen


Taking your foot off the brake begins by claiming responsibility for your current relationship status. It would sound something like this: ÒI am single right now, and for some unknown reason, I want to be. IÕm sure of it and I claim responsibility for it. IÕm not a victim. For some reason, I want to be single. IÕm doing this to myself.Ó


The moment you claim responsibility, youÕll immediately begin to wonder, ÒHow am I doing this to myself? Why am I resisting the very thing I want most?Ó Then you simply sit quietly in stillness, and listen. The answer will comeÑusually in a matter of seconds.Ó

If youÕd like to learn more about the 7 barriers and how they might be sabotaging your ability to attract lasting love, you can preview and/or purchase the e-book or the paperback by clicking HERE.



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In this series of 5 short videos, sent directly to your inbox, Roy will walk you through 5 critical factors that will help you find Òthe one.Ó


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FREE Dating Teleseminar

March 10th, 2015


"How to Use Business Strategy to Achieve Optimal Dating Results"



With Match Maker and Relationship Coach,

Dr. Nancy H. Wall


Tuesday, March 10th, 2015


8:30PM EST





In this Teleseminar you will learn how to:

  • Refresh your dating strategy by using a business-like approach.
  • Apply your proven business skills and tools to your personal life.
  • Take control of your dating and relationship opportunities!


About Our Speaker- Dr. Nancy H. Wall

Dr. Nancy H. WallIs a certified Life Coach and Matchmaker, is President and Founder of Tampa Bay MatchMakers.   She is passionate about helping singles connect, and through her targeted relationship advice and singlesÕ introductions, numerous life-long partnerships and marriages have resulted. 
Dr. Wall has dedicated herself personally and professionally to help others discover and create what they want most from their lives and relationships.  As a noted international speaker, she has inspired thousands of singles and couples.  She has been seen on ABC Action News, TampaBays10, My Fox 13, and featured in the St. Petersburg Times, duPont REGISTRY, South Tampa Magazine, and Tampa Bay Wellness.
Dr. Wall earned her PhD in Adult Education from the University of South Florida, an MBA from Crummer Graduate School/Rollins College, a BS in Psychology from Duke University, and holds certifications in Matchmaking from the Matchmaking Institute in New York, Life Coaching from Coach Training Alliance, and Project Management from George Washington University.
For more information, visit her website at, or contact her directly at or (813) 907-0410.





  • One free 20 minute introductory coaching session
  • Special Deals on Nancy's many programs
  • And Much More!

Tuesday, March 10th, 2015


8:30PM EST







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FREE Dating Teleseminar

March 10th, 2015

"How to Use Business Strategy to Achieve Optimal Dating Results"



With Match Maker and Relationship Coach,

Dr. Nancy H. Wall


Tuesday, March 10th, 2015 at 8:30PM EST


Ð Free-





In this Teleseminar you will learn how to:

  • Refresh your dating strategy by using a business-like approach.
  • Apply your proven business skills and tools to your personal life.
  • Take control of your dating and relationship opportunities!




Featured Testimonial




Hi Denia,

So, you asked me to let you know if I found a special lady back at the event that you held on 10/20 and I think I have. :) I want to thank you again for holding these speed dating events and what a wonderful job you do running them! Without you, I don't think I would have ever met this wonderful woman named Nina. I actually attached a photo of us at a company holiday party.

Once again, thank you for all that you do to run these events!

- Jeff

(Buffalo, Dec 2013)




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 New Cities!

GREAT NEWS!  With the recent addition of Laverne in Philly, and Janice in Atlanta, GA we now offer monthly events in over 90 US and Canadian cities!
Work With Pre-Dating - Become an Event Coordinator

If you are interested in playing matchmaker and adding a new adventure and challenge to your life (part time).



Please apply online HERE!




We Are Currently Looking For An Event Coordinator in the Following Cities, and MORE! 


¥    Portland, OR
¥    Omaha, NB

¥    San Francisco, CA



...And other event locations available!






"A kiss that is never tasted, is forever and ever wasted."


- Billie Holiday (Musician)






Body language studies show that revealing areas of the body that arenÕt usually on display (such as the inner wrist, the inside of the upper arm, ankles, feet, inside calf muscle, and the nape of the neck) has an immediate effect on a date and shows an instant liking.




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Pre-Dating Speed Dating is the world's largest Speed Dating service for busy single professionals with monthly events in over 90 cities. If you have a busy life and don't have time to meet new people, don't like to date clients or co-workers, and are not interested in the bar scene then try Pre-Dating Speed Dating.



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