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December 2014









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Customer Appreciation Sale!


Now through Dec. 31st! 


Use code CA2014 to save 25% Off any upcoming Pre-Dating Speed Dating event!*


Pre-Dating Speed Dating would like to thank you, our loyal customer, for keeping us in business for the last 14 years. Without you, we would not be the largest speed dating service in the country, so, we thank you for your continued Loyalty to us. 


It is our mission to help you find meaningful, sustainable relationships through our events, free coaching teleseminars held monthly and also a new dating and relationships tips email series you'll start receiving in the coming weeks. 


That said, you may use promo code CA2014 to save 25% on any upcoming Speed Dating event in your area. Also, feel free to share this code with a friend if you would like to have them join you at an upcoming event. 


Click HERE to find events in your area! 



*This promotion is for new registrations only- no partial refunds towards already purchased tickets. Excludes Lock and Key Events. Cannot be used in combination with any other offer. If we are currently not in your city, we are very sorry, but we are currently looking for a new event coordinator to start hosting local events. 






Questions From Other Singles Like You

Wondering about Speed Dating events or how Pre-Dating does them? Maybe just a relationship question in general? Some other people did as well and here are their questions to us.


If you have a question, simply email us at and if selected for our next Newsletter you’ll get a complimentary ticket to one of our events.




Hi Pre-Dating,


Whenever I meet someone, it always seems that either they are interested in me, but they are not what I am looking for, or, I am interested in them, but they are not interested in me, what am I missing? 


Answer from Pre-Dating


Dear "Not Interested",


To answer this question, you will want to first think of the reason you are NOT interested in the people who have shown interest in you. Is it physical? It is their personality? Maybe it's their income level, or a combination of all three. 


Once you have answered this question, you will want to evaluate yourself a bit. Why do you think the people you are interested in are not interested in you? Are you less outgoing due to fear of rejection? Is it possible you are acting differently when you find something you are interested in? These things can be subtle, so it takes a bit of "stepping out of yourself" to objectively ascertain if it's you or simply that it's just the luck of the draw and therefore just a matter of time until both of you share the same interest.


It is important to realize these dating "mistakes", as they often lead to rejection. Be social, be yourself and most importantly, don't get caught up in the thought that the person you are interested in will never pick you. Sure, you will still get rejected here and there, but keep positive and the more experience you have, the more confidence you will gain!




Dear Pre-Dating,



I found someone GREAT! But he is ready to get married, while I enjoy dating him casually and go back and forth between doubt and excitement, HELP!

 Answer from Pre-Dating


Dear "On the Fence":


Ok, so you found someone who wants to settle down, GREAT! But what's that?! You aren't ready?! This is a NORMAL feeling (It's called cold feet)! You have been enjoying your casual dating, and BAM! You are at a crossroad, and you think to yourself, "I can either settle down, or try to find someone else, possibly better then this person."


Here is where you have to be completely honest with the person you are dating and tell them EXACTLY how you feel. In every relationship, especially in the beginning, both partners should sit down and discuss the items that they enjoy about the other person and the items that drive them crazy. These thoughts should be shared in a constructive way to inform the person of their good and bad qualities as it relates to you. At the end of this conversation, you should be at a point of pure honesty and you both need to evaluate, either together or separately, if this is a worthwhile venture. More often then not, couples that do this excersize realize that settling down with this person is probably the right path for them afterall. You notice that your list of good far out weighs the bad. And hey, they got issues with you too!



Of course sometimes your list of bad may outweigh the good and your path becomes clear as well but as the song says "breaking up is hard to do" and most people tend to stay longer in relationships than they know they should.


In short- be honest with yourself, but don't shortchange yourself. Remember what your mother told you growing up, "the grass is not always greener on the other side."







Every Month, Pre-Dating wants to offer you personally selected training courses and/or Books which are offered to help you get the most out of dating in the real world. Please find our special partner offers below!





How to Become a Guy Magnet!


In this course, learn: 

    - How to attact a great guy!

    - How to make a man fall for you!

    - and Much More!








Text That Girl!


In this course, learn: 

    - How to Text for results!

    - What not to do in the modern day era of texting!

    - and Much More!







Roy's Relationship Corner





It's almost 2015, and I'm guessing that one of your resolutions will be to find your life partner this coming year. As a relationship coach, I applaud such commitments, but unfortunately I see 7 issues that consistently sabotage people and keep them single.

My new book, Attracting Lasting Love: Breaking Free of the 7 Barriers that Keep You Single, describes these self-sabotaging issues and what to do about them.


This is part two of a series of articles in which I'm addressing each one of the 7 barriers by sharing an excerpt directly from my book. Last month I shared an excerpt from the Introduction. I compared and contrasted the conventional approaches of finding a partner with what I call Òthe conscious approach.Ó (If you missed that piece, email me at and I'll send it to you.)


This month I'm addressing the first barrier to attracting lasting love and it has to do with an important choice you have to make. Are you going to live with a scarcity mentality or an abundance mentality? The scarcity mentality is a major barrier to attracting lasting love. It will keep you single.Here's how I describe it in the book:


An excerpt from Attracting Lasting Love:


ÒThe first and most important issue to address as we embark upon the journey to consciously attract lasting love is to ask ourselves how we view the world. Do we believe there's enough, or do we believe in scarcity? Is it Òraining menÓ (or women), or is there a shortage of quality, available partners in the world? Which is it? Feast or famine, scarcity or abundance?


Nothing will sabotage our ability to attract lasting love more than a scarcity mentality and that's why we begin the book with it. Unless we choose abundance over scarcity, we'll keep ourselves single, because our beliefs create our reality.


Now, I'm well aware that, statistically, it's rare to find a good relationship after 40. My clients tell me all the time: All the good ones are taken or gay. My male clients say things like, ÒWomen are all gold-diggers, ball-busters or riddled with baggage. There aren't any good women out there.Ó My female clients often say, ÒMen are either married and lying about it, or they're players, mama's boys or looking for women half their age.Ó On and on it goes. The viewpoint is that finding a quality partner is like looking for a needle in a haystack.


They try to convince me that scarcity is not just their opinionÑit's actually the Truth, with a capital ÒT.Ó It's reality. They actually get angry with me when I say it's just a story they're making up, a perspective they're projecting out into the world and then finding evidence for. ÒNo,Ó they say, ÒIt's true. There are no good men (or women) out there.Ó


That's when I get to say, ÒDo you know how old I was when I met my wife? 47. And I'm a pretty good guy. And she was a little bit older than me, and she's definitely a good woman. SoÉdo you want to continue believing that your scarcity story is the absolute TRUTH?Ó The sad thing is they often do.Ó


If you'd like to learn more about the 7 barriers and how they might be sabotaging your ability to attract lasting love, you can preview and/or purchase the e-book or the paperback by clicking HERE.


Special FREE offer from Pre-Dating's relationship coach, Roy Biancalana:



It is very challenging to find your ideal partner in today's dating scene. That's why Roy and have partnered together to bring you THE ATTRACTION FACTOR VIDEO SERIES absolutely FREE!


In this series of 5 short videos, sent directly to your inbox, Roy will walk you through 5 critical factors that will help you find "the one."


Click Here to Start Your FREE Video Series



FREE Dating Teleseminar

Jan. 6th, 2015

"Get the January Jumpstart"

Why Now is the Best Time of Year to Meet Someone Great!



With Authors and Relationship Coaches, Amy Sherman and Rosalind Sedacca


Tuesday, Jan 6th, 2015


8:30PM EST





The holidays are over and singles everywhere are starting diets, exercising more, reworking their budgets and revamping their approach to finding a love partner.


With holiday events and commitments no longer a distraction, winter brings out the snuggle factor Ð the desire to connect with someone on a long-term basis. Rosalind Sedacca, CCT and Amy Sherman, LMHC, Relationship & Dating Mentors, will give you key strategies for improving your dating outcomes and relationship success in the New Year.


In this Teleseminar discover how to:

  • Increase your chances of meeting someone online during January.
  • Reinvent your relationship skills for dating success in the months ahead.
  • Explore your past patterns to determine which are interfering with your relationship dreams and desires.
  • Implement three key principles to help you avoid dating traps.



About Our Speakers


Rosalind Sedacca is a Dating & Relationship Coach, a Divorce & Parenting Coach and co-author of 99 Things Women Wish They Knew About Dating After 40, 50 & Yes, 60! She is also the founder of the Child-Centered Divorce Network for parents and author of How Do I Tell the Kids About the Divorce? Rosalind is an Expert Blogger for The Huffington Post, an Advisor at as well as a Contributing Writer for Exceptional People Magazine and the 2008 First Place Winner of the Victorious Woman Award and co-creator of the Create Your Ideal Relationship Kit for singles.
Amy Sherman has a master's degree in counseling/psychology and is a coach, trainer and co-author of 99 things Women Wish They Knew Before Dating After 40, 50, and Yes, 60! Amy understands the needs, challenges and insecurities singles face in finding meaningful relationships and helps them avoid the disasters and disappointment they often experience when dating in mid-life.  She is also the author of Distress-Free Aging: A Boomer's Guide to Creating a Fulfilled and Purposeful Life and The Joy of Optimism 10-Lesson eCourse, which offer strategies for overcoming adversity and other challenges of middle age.




  • One free copy of their best selling audio seminar: "Dating Tips and Mistakes to Avoid for a Successful Relationship"

  • Special discounts from Pre-Dating Speed Dating

Tuesday, Jan 6th, 2015


8:30PM EST





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FREE Dating Teleseminar

Jan. 6th, 2015

"Get the January Jumpstart"

Why Now is the Best Time of Year to Meet Someone Great!



With Authors and Relationship Coaches, Amy Sherman and Rosalind Sedacca


Tuesday, Jan. 6th, 2015 at 8:30PM EST


Ð Free-



In this Teleseminar discover how to:

  • Increase your chances of meeting someone online during January.
  • Reinvent your relationship skills for dating success in the months ahead.
  • Explore your past patterns to determine which are interfering with your relationship dreams and desires.
  • Implement three key principles to help you avoid dating traps.




Featured Testimonial



My husband and I met at one of your events. We were married in July of 2013 and had our first baby in June of this past year. We continue to spread that possibilities of Speed Dating and send people your way! Have a great holiday!

Christina and Micheal

- (Westchester, Dec 2014)  



To Check Out a Speed Dating Event Near You Simply Visit












 New Cities!

GREAT NEWS!  With the recent addition of Ms. Jones in Hudson Valley, NY,  we now offer monthly events in over 90 US and Canadian cities!
Work With Pre-Dating - Become an Event Coordinator

If you are interested in playing matchmaker and adding a new adventure and challenge to your life (part time).



Please apply online HERE!




We Are Currently Looking For An Event Coordinator in the Following Cities, and MORE! 


  • New York City, NY
  • Las Vegas, NV
  • San Francisco, CA

...And other event locations available!






"We've got this gift of love, but love is like a precious plant. You can't just accept it and leave it in the cupboard or just think it's going to get on by itself. You've got to keep watering it. You've got to really look after it and nurture it."


- John Lennon (Musician)








The curve of the counter in a bar is designed so other customers can easily check out other customers


Things starting to make sense? Same goes for those big mirrors they have behind the counter- they're to help you check out the people behind you. If two people get to talking for longer, they start buying more drinks, possibly for each other. It's all about the money! 





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Pre-Dating Speed Dating is the world's largest Speed Dating service for busy single professionals with monthly events in over 90 cities. If you have a busy life and don't have time to meet new people, don't like to date clients or co-workers, and are not interested in the bar scene then try Pre-Dating Speed Dating.



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